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Lampshade - Blossoms

Lampshade - Blossoms

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Fabric Lampshade - Blossoms.

Dia: 40 cm
Height: 19 cm

Material: Fabric 100% Cotton

Compatible: E27 Holders.
Recommendation: This shade looks best on table lamps with ~20 cm base diameter and height ~60 cm with shade mounted. 

For customisation of this product, please contact us.

RoHS | REACH Compliant

Care information

Ensure the lamp is turned off, then wipe with a soft dry cloth.

Material Based Cleaning Instructions given below:

Iron is a naturally occurring metal and among the top 10 most common elements on Earth. When Iron is exposed to moisture and Oxygen it leads to rusting which degrades the metal. To maintain iron products well, clean them as directed here.
Everyday cleaning
: use a soft dry cloth to wipe the product so no dust or moisture accumulates on the surface.
Caution: Iron is prone to rusting so avoid using our iron products in high moisture areas like bathrooms, balconies etc as they are not designed or produced to be used in such high moisture environments where they are exposed to such atmospheric elements.

Wood is the fibrous porous structural tissue found in trees. The wood we use to make our products is chiefly derived from mango trees and scientifically is called Mangifera Indica. It is commonly found in India as mango is India’s national fruit and the wood has a naturally occurring slight yellow tint. Wood is highly porous therefore proper care will help maintain our wooden products for a longer time.
Everyday cleaning
: use a soft cloth to wipe the wood so no dust or moisture stains can settle. Caution: Wood is porous and absorbs moisture so avoid using in high moisture spaces like bathrooms as it leads to constant expansion and contraction, resulting in cracks and splits.

Marble comes from an ancient Greek word that means “crystalline rock, shinning stone”. Marble acquires its natural colouring, patterns, and nuances through long exposure to temperature changes and high pressure during the formation of mountains. To maintain marble well, cleaning it correctly is crucial.
Everyday cleaning
: use a soft cloth to wipe the stone so no dust or moisture stains can penetrate the stone.
Special cleaning: use soft cloth, lukewarm water, and a special marble cleaning agent for natural stone. Moist stains can infiltrate the stone, so clean them quickly with a soft cloth. It is always recommended to do a cleaning test patch first before using it on the entire product.
Caution: Marble is a soft stone and prone to scratches, so do not use a scouring pad or hard cloths to clean the marble item.

Glass is made with a compound called silica, one of the most abundantly found elements on Earth. Silica used to make glass can come from sand or from rocks. Glass is fragile so care must be taken when handling it.

Everyday cleaning: gently use a soft cloth to wipe the glass so no dust settles. Avoid direct contact with fingers as they leave prints on the glass.
Special cleaning: use soft cloth and glass cleaning spray. Wipe well to avoid any marks. If possible, where flannel gloves/lint free gloves when cleaning glass items as they will leave the cleaned glass streak, fibre and lint free.

Caution: glass is breakable, so handle carefully when cleaning. Avoid using rough/coarse cloths as they will leave scratches on the surface.

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