Home Renovation Tips

Home Renovation Tips

Authors: Lindenherd

Home Renovation Tips: stay on time and within budget.  

Not everyone is able to hire the services of interior designers and architect for renovating their home. This article has some helpful tips to ensure that you stay within budget and the renovations are ready on time.

Planning; time: planning is crucial to achieve any task and you need to plan for both time and money. When planning your renovation project timeline ensure you allow for holidays, weather related anomalies such as monsoon season, harvesting season (as labour tends to head back to their villages during the harvest), and other factors you can think of that may disrupt renovation work or material supply. These will be big contributors towards delaying your project. Share this timeline with the individuals involved in the project such as paint contractor, flooring contractor etc. to get feedback from them based on their years of experience. Tweak your timeline after their feedback. Once your timeline is set with the external contractors, add 10% more days and this is probably a more realistic period the project will take to complete. If the project goes longer, you’re losing money.
Pro Tip: ensure you clearly chalk out small goals and milestones in the timeline, this will help you track progress and avoid big delays in your project.

Planning; budget: Finalise the big, time taking work related decisions first, like what flooring to use, what fittings or fixtures you need, wardrobes or modular kitchen works etc. Then you need con finalised your fixed lighting and other electronics as you will need to make certain provisions for them.
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Don’t forget to budget for the big-ticket items like beds, sofas etc. Ensure you check some stores online, or offline, so you can budget realistically. Once your financial budget has incorporated material, labour, and product costs, add 15% to the budget. This will act as buffer to allow for random transportation costs, extra material ordered costs and keep your budget real.

The reason most projects go off budget is due to lack of timely decision making so make well-informed decisions on time. It is crucial to ensure these decisions are executed as well.


Before the sledgehammer goes to work

Before any breaking or dismantling starts you need to have accurate drawings in place for allocating your immovables like ceiling and wall lights, fans, chimneys, wardrobes etc. You don’t need fancy software to make these drawings, you can do so on a PowerPoint slide, double check the measurements and ratios / scales so they are correct. It’s handy to have flat drawings for both top view and front view, in some cases you may even need side views as well with dimensions and their unit of measures accurately written on them.
No one said this will be easy, there is a reason there are experts trained in this field.


Progress check

At regular intervals, check on the realistic progress of the project. This safeguards form deviations in timeline and allows them to be caught early so they can be mitigated without much inconvenience.

Pro Tip: managing a renovation is like managing any project, if you don’t have much experience managing projects, as a friend who may be a project manager to have a look at your plans and give you some input before you get started on the renovation.


Personalise your space

As renovations start moving along adequately, glitch free, you will get time to plan your décor. You can always add smaller items like cushions, throws, table lamps, floor lamps, dinnerware, and other decorative products at later stages to decorate your home in your preferred style or trends.

Feel free to go through Lindenherd’s interior design related blogs to get some ideas for adorning your space.

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