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Lindenherd believes that visually appealing spaces significantly improve quality of human life. We endeavour to contribute towards helping our customers improve their lives by providing them with well-designed affordable products that have lasting value. Our products are safe, efficient and enhance the beauty of homes, offices and other places that are an integral part of the daily lives of our customers.

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Lamps in our Vintage collection incorporates various styles of product design, sometimes... 


Lindenherd - Past, Present & Future

Our objective is to make Lindenherd a household name in India. Lindenherd will be synonymous with functionally and aesthetically designed; safe and affordable products that help enrich the lives of our customers. We believe in empowering them to recognise the quality of life they deserve. 

The company dates back to 2008, when we had established our manufacturing facilities to create handcrafted products to cater to a global palette. Over the years we have been successfully exporting our products to over 26 countries and have had the privilege of showcasing our products is some of the leading stores worldwide. We believe that the Indian market is desirous of these international quality products at affordable prices and thus the start of Lindenherd. 
Our products are designed in Europe and made in India.

  • Safety & Efficiency

    Safety is always a crucial aspect of our products. We always want to ensure that the products we supply to our customers are safe and efficient.

  • Design & Aesthetics

    We have a distinguishing style. Our designs are a result of many creative minds at work from around the globe. Our products tend to be unique and crafty.

  • Quality & Life

    We want our products to bring joy to all who use them. We take pride in the products we create and stand by them. If you care for our products, they'll last for years.

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